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 Clean Data   Delivered Fast 

Expert marine surveyors for specialist and demanding projects in and around Europe 

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Nicola Offshore is a joint venture between Nicola Engineering and ProMarine.

Nicola Engineering's 40 years of commercial survey experience and ProMarine's fast workboats combine to deliver the highest quality data in the fastest possible time.

When speed and performance are of the essence, you can challenge Nicola Offshore to get the job done.  


Nicola Offshore specialises in turnkey services for the most challenging marine survey campaigns.

Working from an agile logistics and technology platform, we provide on-demand, fast-turnaround surveys for offshore oil & gas, and renewable energy clients.

Our focus on offshore survey applications ensures we have the expertise to deliver your data.


Subsea Europe Services provides the unified survey technology platform that enables our agility.

Installed on our fast survey vessels, the integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) is a powerful multibeam echo sounder-based system for acquiring precise data.

With this as our foundation, we can provide data to new IHO S-44 Exclusive Order standards.

We specialise in gap filler and fast-response surveys for diverse applications

Pre- & Post-Dredging 

Get high quality marine data as part of your planned campaigns  or on an on-demand, fast turnaround basis according to your requirements

Object Search

Quickly and effectively locate lost tools and equipment on the seabed without the costs and wait for standard survey vessels to mobilise and reach the site

Cable Route & Depth 

Fast and accurate assessment using sophisticated methods and technology optimises the installation and maintenance of offshore subsea cables 

Unexploded Ordinance

We are fully prepared to take on hazardous missions so offshore projects can get back on track quickly following unexpected delays cause by UXO

We accelerate the entire survey workflow so you get your clean data when you need it 

  • Fast response to enquiries

  • Agile client approach

  • Streamlined logistics

  • Easy vessel and tech config.

  • Expert understanding of brief

  • Weather window flexibility

  • Fast transit to survey site

  • Highly experienced survey team

  • Deep special project knowledge

  • Fast turnaround on precise data

  • In-house marine data experts 

  • Commercial grade final product

Latest News from Nicola Offshore

Find out more about how our optimised approach to marine data acquisition can help you

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