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About Nicola Offshore

Nicola Offshore GmbH specialises in turnkey services for the most challenging marine survey campaigns and on-demand missions in and around Europe. Working from an agile logistics and technology platform enables us to take on more complex and specialist aspects of marine surveying, including underwater object detection, unexploded ordinance (UXO), and subsea cable investigations, as well as pre- and post-dredging reports.


The company is a joint venture between Nicola Engineering GmbH, a German marine survey provider with over 40 years’ experience and ProMarine BV, a well-known and highly regarded Dutch workboat manufacturer.


1. Contract

We are able to review your requirements and agree to a mission within hours, ensuring that your data will be ready when you or your client needs it.


2. Planning

Our offshore survey platform allows us to configure the right tools for the job quickly and easily, so we hit the water ready for the challenge ahead.

Our optimised processes enable faster mobilisation and higher quality data

The non-productive time when finding a provider and waiting for an off-plan, 'gap-filler' survey to take place can be prohibitively expensive. This is why we promise to do everything we can to have your data in your hands as fast as physically possible. Our streamlined approach to each step of the survey process is designed for optimal speed and efficiency.

3. Execution

Decades of marine survey expertise, modern vessels and advanced instruments allow our surveyors to optimise the capture of accurate data.

Execution #2.jpeg

4. Processing

We transform your data into a finished, actionable product quickly and with the precision needed to support any marine engineering operations.

Processing #3.jpeg

Introducing new efficiencies with cutting-edge technology and integrations

Our focus on specialised applications like object search and UXO demands a resilient, high performance survey platform. We have achieved this through the unification of survey equipment, software and vessel to create a fast-response, high performing foundation for our experts to work on. 

Our expert team delivers data to your door with high precision final products

Nicola Offshore was founded by Andres Nicola and Dick Duin, two well-established maritime and subsea innovators. Day-to-day operations are managed by experienced marine data industry specialist, Daniel Esser.


Andres Nicola

Andres is a highly experienced marine survey professional with over a decade of experience serving clients at Nicola Engineering. With Nicola Offshore, Andres brings the skills and experience of a leading survey company to specialist offshore projects, ensuring that Nicola Offshore clients get high quality data when they need it.


Daniel Esser

Daniel is a Business Development Professional with a proven track record in establishing technology companies.His experience encompasses Maritime Security, Defence, Offshore Energy,  Subsea Robotics, and Underwater Acoustics, which positions him well to understand the demanding requirements of Nicola Offshore clients.


Dick Duin

Dick is the founder and owner of ProMarine BV, a Dutch producer and supplier of RIBs and planing workboats worldwide. Armed with more than 25 years of experience in the development of fast craft, Dick is tasked with giving Nicola Offshore the edge by ensuring that all of its vessels are prepared and equipped for surveys in any offshore conditions.


Kerstin Spröde

Kerstin is the Nicola Offshore Operations Manager with responsibilities including quotation calculation, project management and technical controlling as well as process optimisation and customer care. She is a great first contact for new and existing customers and can be reached on + 49-4101-80542-11 or

Founders and partners with decades of operational and technical experience

Pick up the phone or email us for a quick quote and professional assessment of your needs 

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