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Meet the team: Old friend, new company

Nicola Offshore's new Operations Manager, Kerstin Spröde

Kerstin Spröde (Dipl.- Ing.(FH) joined Nicola Offshore as our Operations Manager in October. She’s no stranger to the business having spent time in a management role at our sister company Nicola Engineering between 2003-2006 and 2011-2016.

We created a new position for Kerstin at Nicola Offshore to ensure we are ready to meet expectations over a variety of areas of our growing business.

Kerstin has really taken to the challenges of the job, telling us that, “I’m enjoying my varied tasks which include customer care and acquisition, quotation calculation, project management and controlling as well as process optimisation.”

Clean & fast

As a marine surveyor since 1998, Kerstin is of course also looking forward to getting out on the water.

“I’m really keen on the concept of Clean Data, Delivered Fast and thanks to our dedicated fleet of powerful survey vessels I’m confident we can deliver on the promise. I’m really starting to see how we are able to work faster and more cost-effectively than others who are running larger, slower vessels.”

There has been a lot of development in the field of marine surveying technology in recent years, both hardware and software, and having been away from the industry for 5 years, Kerstin is well positioned to observe what has changed.

She told us that, “besides the concept of faster boats and more agility that Nicola Offshore has introduced, I’ve noticed how interest in, and the use of autonomous surface and underwater vehicles has grown.

“From a markets perspective, its clear that offshore wind farms are counting more on the survey industry to enable savings in operations & maintenance as well as during the development phase for example, marine surveys for cable routing projects.”

The winds of change

Kerstin believes that due to the need for energy transition, wind farms are becoming increasingly important for the future.

“Fossil fuels are no longer a viable source and I hope that our German, as well as global policy makers will push wind energy very strongly, among other things. For me personally, I’m proud to be working at a company like Nicola Offshore that is offering new ways to help renewable energy companies and contractors.”

Having Kerstin back in the office is making a real difference already. Her marine survey expertise and unmatched organisational skills are a rare combination, so we are delighted to welcome her to the team.

“I have known and appreciated the Nicola family of companies for a long time, and I feel very much at home here. I am very happy to use my energy to move Nicola Offshore forward and I am looking forward to seeing how our specialist offering develops over the coming years.”

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