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Offshore Marine Survey Services

We are committed to saying yes to the most urgent and demanding survey projects. We have refined the experience and expertise our sister company Nicola Engineering has developed since the 1970s, to build a service portfolio that focuses on the toughest marine data acquisition jobs of the 2020s.

We leverage hydrography, geophysics and GIS Data management services to deliver unmatched speed and performance on specialist applications including object search, uxo, cable route & depth, and dredging.


We bring over 40 years of experience to our diverse marine data acquisition services



Giving you access to accurate seafloor data with focus on time critical campaigns in challenging conditions.​ Our hydrography services include Object Search, pre-/past dredging reports and working with UXO, using mainly the following systems:

  • Multi beam echo sounder

  • Sidescan sonar

  • Sub-bottom profiler

  • Inertial  Navigation System

  • Sound Velocity Instruments



Helping you to understand the geophysical make-up below the seafloor, our services are essential for acquiring accurate data for offshore wind farm cable installation and maintenance. We also support the inspection, maintenance and repair of oil & gas pipelines. Our fast survey boats use the following systems for geophysical survey:

  • Radiometer

  • Magnetometer


GIS Data

Enabling you to visualise, analyse and act on your marine data is a vital aspect of our work at Nicola Offshore. From building and managing databases to creating accurate maps and charts, our post processing and GIS Data methods enable us to deliver high quality finished products quickly and efficiently. Key tools used for our GIS services include:

  • ArcGIS

  • Autocad

We leverage the latest innovations to provide an agile, flexible and unique service offering


Fast vessels for short transit times from port to site

Our ability to deliver urgent, on-demand surveys is enabled by our use of robust, high-speed boats as survey vessels. We shorten transit to get the job done fast 

Dynamic mag frame for UXO survey

An adjustable frame allowing for fast transit when magnetometer survey capabilities are needed to locate unexploded ordinance offshore.

iHSS - integrated Hydrographic Survey System

A turnkey marine survey package that can be configured quickly and easily with everything needed depending on the specifics and location of a campaign.

Unified sensor pole mounting system reduces errors

We install our echo sounders on the same T-shaped frame as the positioning equipment which simplifies configuration and deployment while reducing errors

Our tight application focus ensures that our team has the expertise needed for the most demanding jobs

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